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Helping Hooves, Paws, & Claws

Program Funds

Examples of our fund programs cover Health Care Funds, for animals in need when incomes are low or a payment plan is not made availble for the guardian of the animal, In-home Care Fund programs with the help of volonteers allows us to help pet owners in need in their home while they may be sick or recovering from an injury, foster pet parents are a temperary home for animals of whom guarians may be in the hospital, but Shelter Funds cover our animals in need where housing is a subject, this many range from a tank full of salt water fish appearing to be gasping for air at the top of their water when the power when out and the airiator on the tank is not working and they need a generator to survive. Shelter Funds may cover a farmer who broke his leg and now a storm blow a tree on the fence and the cows got out allowing someone to go help cut the tree, repair the fence, and put the cows back in before animal control is called and he get a warrent and fine to pay on top of his medical bills.

We want to strive for our funds and our organization to help all animals, please help us help a neighbor or friend during hard times.

Feed Funds

We are for the care of animals in there homes, our Feed Funds cover the food when Dad is out of work, and Mom had to have surgery, when winter was hard, and when the well went dry, or the power went off so the pump will not water the horses.


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deposits may be made direct to banking locations or by mail

The Bank of Botetourt at Smith Mountain Lake

19800 Main Street-PO Box 339, Buchanan, VA 24066

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3130 Peters Creek Road, Roanoke VA

Legal Fees and Trust Funds

We want our program to be for the animals. Funds for legal fees are like when a minor child in a court case is appointed a lawyer by the courts for the child themself. Animals can not speak for themself. They need us, they need someone for the dog or horse that got in trouble to evaluate the situation, sometimes there is another story to be heard and we can help this happen, and it can save a life of a dog or the removal of a horse from its home. It may save a guardian of the animal of legal charges, court and lawyer fees that could have been eliminated with the proper evaluation on the side of the animal for the animal.

We also want our programs Trust Fund to be for the animals, we do not want you to donate a trust fund without a request for a pet care instruction form to indicate how and what your pet was acustom to and allowing them to continue in the same fasion of care without you. We want you to have your pet honored in an annual memorial if the trust is in remembrance of your best friend.

Help us grow and fullfill our dreams in the honor of animals, support the HHPC today.

Tell us your story or send a picture

We want to hear from you, we want to tell the community in a monthly news letter that will be available on a link site how Helping Hooves, Paws, & Claws could have helped an animal in need, and we want to see your pictures of missed pets that is our organization was started sooner or we had more funding they would have been still with you today.

Help us make the community aware there is a need for help to prevent a pet lost to their loved ones.

Help us make the community aware we are in need of good pet citizens and neighbors.

The Non profit Corporation of Helping Hooves, Paws, & Claws, regestered buisness, filing 1023